Velociti Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation At Your Fingertips


Velociti Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation At Your Fingertips

Sales Force Automation At Your Fingertips

Management decisions have become a vital factor in today’s extremely competitive Business world.
Sales growth, is a direct contributor to your business development,
however, the ability to overview, analyze & control your day-to-day sales will grant you that
competitive edge to move ahead in current business conditions.
Managing a Salesforce is not a simple. To be at the top, it is essential to direct your entire salesforce
effectively & efficiently. If you have the tools to perform this readily at your fingertips,
you are already on your way to success,
taking all the right decisions with perfect timing.
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Velociti Key Features

Velociti enables you to…

Streamline procurement process for multiple Distribution Channels.

Gain trackability of goods through accurate matching of GRN Vs PO.

Manage inventory across multiple locations including Van Sales (Mobile Warehouse option).

Reduce manual data entry through redefined uploads and integrations technologies.

Streamline Purchase & Sales Returns by capturing automated returns against source documents

Business Benefits

Identify areas for improvement and opportunities for expansion by keeping track of your distribution channels.

Make swift decisions based on real-time data, in response to changes in dynamic consumer demand.

Gain a competitive edge over rival brands by reducing operational costs.

Responsiveness to consumer demand, increases customer loyalty

Make business decisions based on accurate, real-time data to manage growth & complexity.

Mitigate pricing pressures by providing more choices and scaling distribution activities.

Offer consistent pricing across distribution channels.

Identify and eliminate wastages & bottlenecks in the process.

Become more responsive with Velociti


Manage Finances with Velociti

Keep track of the Payments and Collections to manage the cashflows.

Distributor Bank reconciliation function improves the accuracy of transactions.

Detailed debtor management, through reports for outstanding payments, aging & credit terms.

Detailed view of the distributers financials, through the general ledger, Income Statement and Balance Sheet Reports

Improve margins with Velociti

Streamlined and automated inventory management, to ensure accurate product costing.

Automated Discount schemes and promotions to streamline sales pricing.

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